All I Wanted Was You (Round and Round)

from by 2bit

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If your focus is on the sole you miss the whole.


I’m so confused, dazed and abused, laced with a ruse
still wander my room for hours at a time just waiting for an excuse

to call, to fall into your voice, this abyss, this
escape from it's impossible, so i just list away in this place

and as the party moves on, i still remain in place softly, caught weak
talking but not all me, rock deep, but definitely not me

you scare me, you're scary, scaring caring from parents, barely
I’m barely there, I’m buried there, I tarry there for very fair

mistress with lips red, kiss this, taste Blistex
think fast, think back, think when and she's left, and she's dead

dead to you, and ready to move, hands on the roof and heady and smooth
but lil more than a tap, comes out when she's headed to move, and enters the move

enters your mood, and fends for food, scavenging like a raven rude
but you love it, you'd love it, love it and say its good

can't break her, take her, say her name in peace again, its easy then
but beating ends, when breathing ends, and easy ends aren't seeing when you're screaming in


round and round, round and round
round and round, we go around

round and round, round and round
round and round, we still go around

can't pick a place to stay, such a useless state of play
i stay ingrained, stay in flames, and hope that i may grace the paint

take me, paint me, slay me, praise me, hate me, face me, or just change me
faze me, fake me, chase me, cage me, break me, or still hate me but still

let the re-runs twist, in a television wish, hell of a vision that’s dissed in this
distant risk is just in this, an image of her listening in

glistening ends, look like death, look like death, likes look death
looks like giving in isn't best, as you're only given the best of the best

giving up means no thoughts, no end, and still no beginning
just dwell in my room some more but i know that i still won't get it, yet I

dwell on her, felt no hurt, just a fusion of confusion
perusing the useless, viewing a two bit view of youth less uses of uselessness

so leave me by the way side or lead me by the way right
freeze me like the famed night but speak these lines that gave fright


from TBRR, released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


2bit Virginia

2bit hasn't had time to reinvent himself for college. He's been trying to talk with a British accent and a slight element of swagger to impress the ladies, but, let's face it; it hasn't been working.
So he goes back to his dismal dorm and makes new and unique music forms to release his frustration with all things frustrating.
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