by 2bit

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This is the very first rap EP for a rap album by the grand rap maestro, 2bit.

It is more than you could ever want and less then you would ever need


released May 31, 2014



all rights reserved


2bit Virginia

2bit hasn't had time to reinvent himself for college. He's been trying to talk with a British accent and a slight element of swagger to impress the ladies, but, let's face it; it hasn't been working.
So he goes back to his dismal dorm and makes new and unique music forms to release his frustration with all things frustrating.
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Track Name: Hello
Hi, my names 2bit
Lines on my chest like a cokehead nudist
Drink so much Crown you could call me the king
Flipping kids faster than some playground swings
And I don’t even roll like a broken down Jeep
I attract people faster than peds handing out sweets
Have a stroke of genius to be as bold as me
Go back to the store, return the whole bag of beef
Out of the game now I topple foes in time
Spit colorful words, monopoly flows in mind
White as my belt cause I freshman release
Planted this morning, what’s fresher than these beats?
My back hurts from carrying every crew I’ve been in
Literally literate rap protein powder you blend in
Career path, began then started to fall
Now 2bits back or never started at all

I’m slightly cartoonish, cause my punchlines are real
Waiting for fresh meat like lunch lines for veal
Try and reflect bigger like sunshine on steel
samples and glory are the one time I’ll steal

Mom & Dad didn’t know I was coming.
I guess you could call me slick bastard
Fresh meat got my saliva running
It’s the only way I’ll spit faster
Step like a rug, it’ll mess you up, the pecs I pump are invisible
You pests are bugs, At best a blunt. Invest in some invisi-rope
You hang, I’m hung, you stay I’m done, but my foot will invade your bum
VOC or vapor rub, must be you’re brain dumb
Drink from the bottle, go full throttle, sleep in a pothole, newborn thirsty
Knew from 13 that News 13 would view first thing me as worst things
Verse in a napkin, note I vacuum, just sit back and...
Flow with the ocean’s motions, holding it open so close them smoking
Panel gave ten like I bribed with paint, polished like I dyed the same
Hit the spot like you find the stain, structured like the hiding frame
The illusions who’s in whose shoes, the zoos approve lagoons of you goons
But prove that you can Blues Clues this new news and you can move through
Track Name: Cadence
cadence is the melody of drums, the thoughts of stretched skin, the eartbeat of of life. cadence is the timbre of racing thoughts, the number of petals on a cerise flower, the texture of a song
cadence is the fence between musical neighbors, dividing thoughts and feelings from each other’s backyards
without cadence no Hitler, no mason family, no native american tsa-yo, no twisted roots growing from the bottom of our independence.
humans naturally search for patterns and all are found hidden under a callous sky of twisted metal strings, curved brass wit sea rot, wooden rectangles, and human flesh.

cadence is the culmination of thousands of years searching for something to drive everything. cadence is the beat of every brain. cadence is in our God. cadence is our god. cadence drives our cars, our work, our family, our life. cadence is life. cadence is life. cadence is all. there. is.
cadence is.
Track Name: 6 Second Saga
such an easy feeling, when your queasy feeling
recede the vision, you are a receiving villain
leaving pillage, left a breeze in instilled in
what you thought would stay, but instead is freezing then gone
the draft is left, you just need a pick me up
screaming in your mind, demons in your eye
breathing in time, with the evil kind
an evening gown, for an evening out
sins ya reason out, so just bleed it out
shes in town, your minds leaving out
bits of her, that you need for a whole
scream in a hole, just bleed for a hole
but you can't get up, drunkard on ya mind
sunk her on ya lines, just f*** her on the fly
you left her for what you thought you wanted
buts its all just a vision now, so i guess you got it

you bring me down every day, a separate way, less pain
breast pains, my hearts beating, but my hearts just leaving
the drums bring out the pan of animal in me
a cannibal it seems, i'm scrambling for meat
can't handle the scene, cause i'm handling sheets
panhandling for me, can't stand this heat
branded as cheep, its just a phantom i see
grabbing at me, i'm scared of this, please
take me away, but i locked the key
i'm just boxed in plee's, yo i'm lost in me
what could it possibly be, but a sucide silence
its do or die violence, and i'm always inside riots
beat Me to leave Me, appeasing the presence
but i never leave it, i'm addicted to the easy
hear me scream, but i'll never shut up
i'll never love you, but i'll always love lust

its so easy; just an image and a thought
yo the wisdom is lost, as i give up my all
6 seconds to wreck it, 6 seconds direct in
give blessings to wreckage, live focused on less then
best of the best ones, dressed with intestines
i'm inside out, can't hide out, with pride out
and i just define how, i never learn my lesson,
after 17 years, whats a couple next then?